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New handlebars

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One of the biggest reasons for not riding my BMX bike is because of the low/small handlebars that came with the bike. I have not been able to upgrade until now for different reasons, but now i had a chance to do so, and i took it. Such a difference and it feels really great. So far i have only mounted the new handlebar and gave it a quick test yesterday. Planning to take a ride with my BMX today and see how it all feels.

Hopefully i will have an even better feeling after a proper test than i had with the quick test yesterday. But i do know that things can only get better. And it feels nice to finally have my BMX in a state that works for me. Need that bike for my riding and for my progression as a rider both regarding BMX and Mountain Biking. I might be wrong but i have always believed that my BMX is the key to get my bunny hop skills back, and to have other skills such as manuals, grinds, jumps improved and to learn new things.

This summer should give me the answer if i was correct or not.

Bought some new grips too. Didn’t know much about them before they arrived. They looked interesting and had the right color. I like them a lot now that they have been put on my new handlebar. Smooth but grippy at the same time. Might be the best grips i have bought so far. Time will tell though.

Upgrading my BMX

I am a tall person and i have had some issues riding my BMX bike. It has a very low handlebar and it makes things a lot more difficult. I have had some thoughts about buying a new handlebar but they have been to expensive for me and it has not been a high priority. Recently Skatepro started selling pretty cheap handlebars that is larger. I made the decision last week to purchase one even though it has a negative impact on my economy.

The new handlebar will arrive sometime this week. Its about 10 cm higher and a bit wider, which hopefully will make riding the bike a bit easier. I want to ride more often on my BMX bike, partly because i am really into it but also because its different from all the Mountain Biking i am doing. And i think it can benefit me a lot riding more street stuff with my BMX, stuff that i can use in my Mountain Biking.

I will make a post when i have mounted the new handlebar.