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I have spent some time with my newest bike, doing some maintenance on my wheel hubs. It has been a few years since i did something like that on any bike, and the first time on this bike. I have only had it for barely a year and i just wanted to check things and regrease it.

I like doing maintenance and to tinker with my bikes. But there are days when it annoys me a lot, but those days doesn’t come that often. This time it was the lack of tools that made things annoying. Different sizes and models on things make it a bit more difficult when buying tools. And i had to spend two hours yesterday just to find the tool i needed, to get it quickly. I prefer doing my shopping online but the delivery can take a few days.

Anyway, a good maintenance session follows these things for me:

1. The most important one, being in the right state of mind.
2. Having the proper tools.
3. Being impatient or rushing things.

For me a good maintenance session can be relaxing. Almost like meditation. Just let it take the time needed. No rush. One thing at a time. Be focused and structure things so that you wont have problems putting things back together. Document with the phones camera if necessary.

I disassembled both front and back hubs, checked them for damage (had none), and then regreased it and put it back together. All feels good, but i have not been out for a test ride yet though. Shouldn’t be any problems, but who knows for sure.

Thinking about doing some proper check up on my Scott Voltage soon. Dont have all the tools yet though. Different tools needed for that one.