I really need to improve my strength around the core, thats the most important part for me at the moment. I also need to improve a lot around my upper body, such as shoulders, chest and arms. My legs is doing most of the work when i am riding my bikes. They get tired a lot and i am also having problems with things that require more strength from the core and my arms.

I am not sure if its the right word, but i call it mobility. The ability to move in a good way. I am very stiff in everything i do. Years of inactivity and sitting still all day have made me really stiff and lack all kind of flexibility and explosivity. Things that require a lot of movement and quick reactions are at the moment pretty much impossible for me. I notice that when i try to jump with the bike or when i try to move with the trail. If there is a lot of twists and turns, then i loose a bit of control of my bike.

I am currently trying to find ways to work on my strength and i will also look at things that might help me with mobility. For the latter, i am considering things like that one where you jump up on to something pretty high and then down again. Will see if i can find other things.

I have tried to focus on just riding my bikes. But with the current state of my body i am probably forced to find ways to train of my bikes. Hopefully i can find things that does not require a gym, or having equipment of any kind at home.

I will update when i have a plan.