I am a tall person and i have had some issues riding my BMX bike. It has a very low handlebar and it makes things a lot more difficult. I have had some thoughts about buying a new handlebar but they have been to expensive for me and it has not been a high priority. Recently Skatepro started selling pretty cheap handlebars that is larger. I made the decision last week to purchase one even though it has a negative impact on my economy.

The new handlebar will arrive sometime this week. Its about 10 cm higher and a bit wider, which hopefully will make riding the bike a bit easier. I want to ride more often on my BMX bike, partly because i am really into it but also because its different from all the Mountain Biking i am doing. And i think it can benefit me a lot riding more street stuff with my BMX, stuff that i can use in my Mountain Biking.

I will make a post when i have mounted the new handlebar.