Life really messes with you sometimes. I have been living with a neck injury since 2006, having constant pain around my neck and shoulders since then. I have tried getting things better but life don’t always play nice and i still have big problems with that injury. About two and a half years ago i slammed into a concrete floor messing up my ribs pretty bad and i still have problems with that injury, and in january this year i sprained the foot really bad and its still giving me issues. So three injurys are affecting my life.

Previous years things have been really difficult. Lots of other things making it hard to get better and to stay motivated. This year though things are slowly changing for the better. I am finally working with some fun and interesting stuff, which makes the rest of my life a bit easier. And i have started to do things to improve my health and to attempt making my injurys better. Small steps so far but i am doing something for once.

My previous seasons with Mountain Biking and other action sports have not been good. A few sessions here and there.

Started riding again last week. Got three decent sessions that week and i am getting more and more motivated. Fun to ride out in the woods with no other purpose than having fun. Bikes are my main way of transportation and i commute with my bike all year around. Regardless of weather. So i haven’t been completely passive regarding physical activities. But there are a lot of things to work on. I have gained a lot of weight. My strength, stamina and balance is really bad. I spend most of my days sitting in a chair working with a computer.

My plans for this year is to get my riding to a good level. To be out on a regular basis riding my bikes. I will try to train and do some rehab as well so i can deal with my injurys, my weight gain, and those other things. But the main focus will be on my riding. Being active with it and to have fun.