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Friday session

I finally got out on a pretty decent ride with my montainboard. Was nice to see how it felt riding it with balance and control. The area where i did my riding is very limited and not the best place to practice but it was good enough for this session. Its a place where the farmer has his cows during summer and its very uneven, and has a lot of stones and weird holes everywhere. Really dangerous to ride outside the trail that i was on. No decent room for carving and learning how to stop.

The good things about this session was that i got to stand on the board, ride for a while, do some minor carving and test some jumping. Looks good for the future. All i need now is a better spot to practice on. I really need to practice the stopping part. Feel so limited when i don’t have that part down.


I bought my mountainboard during the spring of 2015 with the purpose of having an option to riding bikes. A lot of it came due to a neck injury i have had since around 2006 and which have affected my life a lot, making things like biking difficult. I have discovered though that biking does not affect my neck injury in a bad way, that was the type of work i did before that messed things up. I have a job now that does not affect my neck injury at all.

Anyway, since the purchase of my mountainboard i have been trying to find spots where i can practice. Getting the basics down. But so far i have not been able to find a nice open area with lots of room and smooth surface where i can learn how to stop and other things. Not having a drivers license and a car makes things a lot more difficult. There are some trails nearby which could work for riding when i get better at it. But i have not found a place thats close enough so i can walk or mount the board to a bike.

It would be nice and probably crucial to have a spot like that. A nice mellow hill or some other grass och dirt area where the speeds aren’t too crazy. One where i can learn carving, different methods of stopping, and just get more familiar with the board.

There is no need for the board for the reasons that existed when i bought it. But i like the idea of mountainboarding and its also fun to have something that is an action sport but not a bike. I have my mountain bike, my bmx and my dirt jump bike but those are similar in so many ways. The mountainboard offers fun riding while being different in many ways. And I think its a good way to practice balance, movement, flexibility and more. And a different way to deal with some issues that have come since my injuries.

I am going to make another attempt this summer to get things going. First finding some spot which i can use. Who knows, maybe i will have more luck this time?

My first session with the mountainboard

At the same time i went out to test my old hardtail as a freeride bike, i brought my mountainboard with me to have a test. Felt pretty ok riding it when i found places to ride.

The military training ground i visit regularly with my mountain bikes are a fun place but not suited for my mountainboard. Half the area is filled with huge rocks and other annoying things which makes riding impossible. The other half is loose sand and rideable in some small areas. Atleast usually but this year there have been a lot of military vehicles driving around making deep and wide tracks. And the local motocross/enduro club have started to use more of the area than before.

So this place is not an alternative for my mountainboarding. I need to find other spots that works a lot better. And until then there will be a paus in my mountainboard riding. Hopefully it wont take to long finding a spot that works so i can start practice.